Bat image by Pavan Krishna on Unsplash

Night sky background image by Dusan Milanovic on Unsplash

Bat 3.5"

Dual Stack frame

20x20 & 26x26 stack mounts (both front & rear) - no mounting adapters required!

9x9 & 12x12 motor mounts

Carbon Fiber infused filament 3D printed

TMac Guarantee!

1. If for any reason you are unhappy with your Bat Frame Kit purchase, simply return it in it's original condition within 2 weeks of purchase date for a full cost-of-purchase refund (minus shipping cost).

2. If you break your Bat baseplate or top plate within 30 days of date of purchase, TMac will send you a new one for free! You pay for shipping. Contact TMac directly at and send an image of the broken plate(s) along with a snapshot of your packing slip you received with your Bat Frame Kit. Images of both the broken plate and your packing slip are required.

NOTE:  Please do not expose your 3D printed frame to high heat for an undue amount of time.  Exposure to high heat (direct contact with soldering iron, heat gun, enclosed vehicle during hot day, etc.) will deform and damage your frame.  This damage is not covered under warranty.  The heat distortion temperature (HDT) of your frame's filament is approximately 54 degs Celsius = 129 degs Fahrenheit and temp's approaching this should be avoided

As of July 25th, 2021, now printed with carbon fiber PLA filament for added strength, durability & less weight!

Should you have any questions regarding your frame, assembly, build, and/or tune again, email me at . To help with your build's tune, the free Micro FPV Tuning Guide is available for download here! As all frames are individually & carefully made-to-order, please allow for 1-2 days processing prior to shipment. Clear skies!



1 ea base plate 2.75mm

1 ea top plate 2.5mm

6 ea 25mm knurled standoffs

m2 x 6mm screws

Custom 3D camera mount

BAT kit assembled weight

Custom 3D camera mount

Example BAT Build


see images below



Micro FPV 3.5" - Fun & Power!

Supports both 20X20mm & 26.5x26.5 all-in-one (AIO) FC/ESC boards natively (no adaptor mounts necessary!)

Max 3.5" Props
3D printed with Carbon Fiber infused filament for strength & rigidity Variable Dual flight stack mounting
2 - 20x20mm stacks
2- AIO stacks with 25.5x25.5mm - 26x26mm mounting patterns (such as Caddx Vista, Shark Byte & AIO Whoop FC) - no mount adaptors required!
1-20x20, 1 AIO (your choice front or back for either!)
Caddx Vista & Shark Byte compatible
Variable stack positions (adjustable)
9x9mm motor mount & 12x12mm motor mount
Recommended 13xx-15xx motors
Top Mount or Bottom Mount
3D camera mount
Variable camera positions (adjustable)
Variable height top-plate (simply use shorter/longer standoffs)
No props in view of camera!
Simple assembly!

Front-to-Back motor distance = 93mm, Side-to-side motor distance = 123mm, Diagonal motor distance = 153mm

Optional 3D print accessories (see below for free print files): 20x20 to AIO board mounting adaptor, GPS module mount, Naked GoPro Universal Mount

Easy access to electronic flight components - just remove 6 screws and top plate!

BAT Frame Kit

BAT Spare Baseplate


BAT Spare Top Plate


Custom 3D printed GPS module & VTX antenna mount (fits BN-220 type GPS modules AND Matek SAM M8Q modules)

Print your own here or grab one by clicking on Add to Cart button

Custom 3D printed GPS module & VTX antenna mount (fits BN-220 type GPS modules AND Matek SAM M8Q modules). This one has attachments for your "Immortal T" type RX antenna!

Print your own here or grab one by clicking on Add to Cart button


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