Building your own home-built Micro FPV Drone is easier than you might think! Whether you're looking to make your home-built Micro FPV Drone less than or equal to 0.55 pounds (<249.5 grams) for recreational purposes (these are exempt from FAA Remote ID) or not, you've come to the right spot!

I've created this page to help you simply walk through the process. Really, the biggest challenge is to choose the right components for your build to meet your desired flight style, purpose (or mission) of the build, and do so within your established weight limits (if any).

So, I've organized this page into sections covering each of the components you'll need for your home-built drone beginning with the 3 components which generally contribute most of the weight to your drone (motors, frame, & battery). Your choice of just these 3 components can reduce (or add) 30% to the all-up-weight (AUW) of your home-built Micro FPV drone. All of the other 8 components combined contribute only 14%-20% of your home-built Micro FPV drone's AUW! So, it makes sense before you push that "Buy Now" button to put a little thought into how you'll be using your Micro FPV drone (fast freestyle, slow/cinematic, extended flight time, racing, etc.), your drone's frame, motors, and battery (at least!).

The recommended components I've listed within each section, along with their spec's, are based on my research and/or experience. This list is updated periodically with what I consider to be the best value components at the time. The most recent update was October 2021.

This site is focused on Micro FPV Drones - those that spin 4" props and less. My goal is to help you build one with the lightest weight possible for two reasons - 1. better thrust-to-weight ratio and greater performance, and 2. those built at an AUW of 0.55 pounds or less (<249.5g) for recreational or educational purpose meet the home-built unmanned aircraft exception to the FAA's Rule on Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft (so you won't need remote ID).

Before we begin, I encourage you to go to the All-Up-Weight (AUW) Build Calculator Page to download (for FREE) your AUW Build Calculator spreadsheet so you can fill it out as you choose each of your components from the Pages below.

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions about your build/components or feedback you'd like to share with me, please do so by contacting me at:

Let's get started!





Example 20x20 Flight Stack Wiring Diagram

Example All-in-One Flight Stack Wiring Diagram