The Fast Track FPV Course consists of 8 modules and I, TMac McGraw, am your Guide on this Journey to Better FPV on your Clear Flight Path to FPV Fun!   

This is THE Fast Track FPV Course - everything you need to know to get started in under 3 1/2 hours! Fast Track FPV will "get you in the air" having fun flying FPV in minimal time, at less cost, in a safe & responsible manner!

  • Basics of quadcopter flight and control
  • Best value FPV gear options along with initial setup
  • Where to fly & the few legalities of FPV
  • 12 Flight "Skills & Drills" to enhance your flying expertise
  • Resources & Bonuses Sections
  • 2 easy-to-follow transmitter & quadcopter setup checklists

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"Great course for beginners - It's a very good introduction to the FPV hobby. I especially like the sections on transmitter setup and Betaflight setup. They were explained very well at a level any beginner would understand- in my next builds I'll do the setup better thanks to these 😁🙌 Strength of Course: The instructor and his way of teaching." - Akshay Saraf 

"I spent a year searching Youtube on the subject of FPV. I wish I would have found this course earlier!! Everything you need to know is here with videos, and training exercises. Also included is useful documentation and various checklists." - David Heinmiller

"I had been watching FPV videos of flights and I said got to try this hobby. I literally posted "How do I get started?" and that's when I got hooked up with this course. TMac goes through everything you need and explains how everything works. Without the course I would have been bumbling around on line, ordering parts that wouldn't have worked, etc, etc. It saved a lot of time and money. TMac is also constantly uploading videos and staying current with new products that are coming out. The course is a great place to start out!" - Eric Pinnell

"The course was great. I think if you are new to hobby this should be a mandatory course. The section on where you can fly and safety is very important. I learned a lot from it. I like all the links and all the checklists to download. " - Lawrence Esposito  

“Huge time saver! All in one spot! If navigating the FPV world feels overwhelming, this is what you need to get started. Covers basics from setup to flight - the most important first steps! Easy-to-follow videos, well-planned, not glossing over details. And if you're not a noob, don't throw your friends on the endless Youtube hype train (not right away!), do them a favor, send them here first.” - Erikspen FPV

"My opinion of the Fast Track FPV course it's one of the best things that came to me while trying to learn about the topic-did not waste time, got to the point. Also it's not just about the drone itself, it's about the entire spectrum of the hobby-where I can fly and where I can't, and to be aware of people when I fly. It taught me there are rules and regulations with the FAA, also how to tune up the drone, how to use Betaflight, and how to flash the firmware. Again, it's the best thing that came to me since I started learning about FPV!" - Henry Delgado

"Informative and fun course for all who want to get into the hobby and those wanting to learn more! Great instructor who gets to the point so you can get to flying!" - Christopher Heinmiller

“Save yourself frustration and discouragement. ENROLL! I've been flying quads like the DJI Phantoms for years, but FPV is a whole other animal. It's not plug-and-play by any means. It will take you weeks to figure out what you need to get going, let alone how to set it up. Trust me, this requires patience but TMac's Fast Track FPV Course will shorten your learning curve and get you flying!” - Vincent Sica 




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