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Backed by the TMac Guarantee!

1. If for any reason you are unhappy with your frame kit purchase, simply return it in it's original condition within 2 weeks of purchase date for a full cost-of-purchase refund (minus shipping cost).

2. If you break your frame's baseplate or top plate within 30 days of date of purchase, TMac will send you a new one for free! You pay for shipping. Contact TMac directly at and send an image of the broken plate(s) along with a snapshot of your packing slip you received with your frame kit. Images of both the broken plate and your packing slip are required.

Message from TMac

I am always looking to provide you with the "best value" or "best bang for your buck" product whether its one of my own or an endorsement of others'. In doing so, I have discovered I'm able to design & produce 3D printed carbon fiber infused Micro FPV quadcopter frames (those that spin 2" - 4" props) with the same flight performance as carbon cut frames, at least as durable and less costly making them accessible to more FPV pilots.

Furthermore, they come in fun and unique designs! I do not (and will not) endorse nor produce products that I would not use & fly myself. I am constantly looking to improve upon these frames ("Journey to Better!") and future designs. If you would like to provide inputs on my current (or any future) designs, please email me at

After thorough research & testing of several different types of filaments including carbon fiber PETG, carbon fiber PLA, carbon fiber PC, carbon fiber nylon 6, carbon fiber Amphora, PLA+ uDiamond, etc., your TMac FPV frames as of October 1st, 2021 are produced either using carbon fiber PLA or carbon fiber copolyester filaments. These materials currently provide you with the best combination of frame stiffness for flight performance, strength, durability, are lightweight and still affordable! Should you have any questions pertaining to any of the TMac FPV frames, again, email me at

As all frames are individually & carefully made-to-order, please allow for 1-2 days processing prior to shipment. Clear skies!

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with optional "Belly Cam mount" & Landing Skids


Bat image by Pavan Krishna on Unsplash

Night sky background image by Dusan Milanovic on Unsplash


Pygmy Rattlesnake image courtesy of,

& Special Thanks to, Photographer Neil Jernigan!

click on image above to view

Neil's Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake video


Pygmy Rattlesnake image courtesy of,

and Special Thanks to, Dr. Steve A. Johnson!


Special Thanks to Pachuco'sArt/The Desert Whisperer! Diamondback Rattlesnake image produced from video by Pachuco'sArt/The Desert Whisperer - click on image to view video



Additional Custom 3D Printed "Rattler" Micro FPV Camera Mounts 

2 side panels (1 for each side of quad) for M2 standoffs with 3.5 - 4.0 mm standoff outside diameter

each side panel is 20mm in length from standoff hole center to standoff hole center

each side panel is 15mm in height

each side panel has three M2 holes for 3 different camera mount patterns!

NOW SHIPPING both DOMESTICALLY within the U.S. (Standard & Expedited) & INTERNATIONALLY (via USPS 1st Class International "Standard International Shipping Option") - ships from Southeastern U.S.

$4.75 (USD)

or print your own

Custom 3D Printed 20x20 to AIO Board Mount Adapter

Looking to "lighten your load" by using an all-in-one board (AIO) on your Rattler frame instead of a separate flight controller and ESC?

This 20x20 to AIO board mount adapter allows you to use a 26.5x26.5 AIO board (like the BetaFPV 20A AIO V3) and cut your weight

Adapter mounts to frame using the 20x20 pattern while the 26.5x26.5 "floats" above the base plate (talk about soft-mounting your FC!)

NOW SHIPPING both DOMESTICALLY within the U.S. (Standard & Expedited) & INTERNATIONALLY (via USPS 1st Class International "Standard International Shipping Option") - ships from Southeastern U.S.

$4.75 (USD)

or print your own 

GPS Mount for all TMac Frames (snugly fits BOTH SAM M8Q & BN220 & all others of similar size). VTX antenna holder too!

Mount is designed to "slide on" two 4mm diameter standoffs at rear of frame with distance 12mm center-to-center of holes

Weight = approx 4 grams

Mount when installed on standoffs is angled downward at approx 21.5 degrees so when your quad is pitched forward in flight, the GPS module is near parallel to ground for maximum reception of satellites

Hole cutout for VTX antenna is 4.25mm diameter

Print Your Own Here or grab one by clicking on Add to Cart button - $3.99 (USD)

GoPro Lite (Naked GoPro) Universal Mount for BetaFPV GoPro Lite Case V2 This mount is "universal" in that it will fit on top of the top plate of any FPV frame simply by using zip ties, a battery strap, etc. No need to match mounting holes or for additional hardware!

Base of mount is 20mm wide x 27mm long

Height from bottom of base to top of mount is 51mm

Camera angle when placed in mount is 10 degrees (adjustable simply by placing some foam, or similar material, under front or back of base)

Weight = approx 7 grams

Total weight of GoPro 6 Lite in the BetaFPV V2 case AND the 3D printed mount is approx 33 grams

Print Your Own Here


Rattler & DJI Caddx Vista by David Heinmiller  

I love this frame! The adjustable holes allowed me to place the stack and Caddx exactly where I wanted them! Also the ability to adjust for small or large stacks by simply using different standoffs will help in future builds. I like that the camera mount is tight and does not move. I have over 16 hours flight time with it and love it! It has survived four hard crashes including a head on tree collision with damage only to the props - no damage to the frame or electronics. Nice work TMac! Thanks, Dave  

Rattler "Lit & Ready to Go!" by Pierre Seguin

Thanks TMac for the design of a very nice looking and functional multi-copter!

Motors:                                 Iflight XING X1408 3600kv FPV NextGen

Props: HQ Durable PC Prop 3X4X3V1S        

Leds:                                     NeeBeeDrone BeeWire Lite

Camera:                                Runcam Split 3 Micro HD FPV Camera

Battery:                                  Tattu Li-Po 75C 14.8V 850mAh 4S1P XT30

Receiver:                    NR502T-F2

HGLRC FD435 VTX Stack consisting of: Flight Controller....: FD F4 Mini FD35A 4in1 ESC VTX FD VTX Mini  

Diamondback Rattler by "Johnny X"  

Just flew this evening, fast and smooth, my new favorite! Got the 4" props coming for the back, can't wait to feel it!  Great job - Cheers, Johnny X  

Diamondback Rattler by Adriano C.

Pictures don't do justice to how good it looks and, better yet, how well it flies. This little quad is a monster. My best flying model!

Diamondback Rattler by David M, "Square One FPV"

Your frame is amazing, it's light and very durable, with so much room to build in, which makes it very easy even for beginners!

Drone: Rattler One: ° TMac Rattler frame, Motors: Emax Eco 1407 4100KV, Flight Stack: Diatone Mamba F405 Mini DJI MK3 F35, DJI vista, Vifly Finder buzzer, Props: Azure Power 3060, TBS Nano receiver


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