~ $21 (USD)

In my opinion, simply the best for simulating real-world flight. Exceptional support! Very active Facebook group. Velocidrone Racing League. Build your own tracks with the track editor, tutorial videos, robust features, etc. My "Go-To" simulator and I've basically tried them all.

Purchase at velocidrone.com

Drone Racing League (DRL)

~ $9 (USD)

Very good simulation of real-world flight. A little bit more on the "gaming" side of things than Velocidrone. Requires STEAM online game platform account. Uses high-tech engineering and analysis to improve flight characteristics of simulator. This is my "close second" choice of a sim! $9 is a great price!

Purchase at steampowered.com


~ $19.99

Nice graphics, but with those graphics comes processing time. Take much more time to load between menus and screens than Velocidrone. Check recommended computer requirements on this (and all simulators) prior to purchasing. Requires STEAM online game platform account. Flight simulation not nearly as realistic in my opinion as Velocidrone or DRL. Still, the 3rd best option on market!

Purchase at steampowered.com

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