RadioMaster TX16S

~ $140 (USD)

This is RadioMaster's version of the Jumper T16, except its BETTER!

It has the same type internal 4-in-1 multi-protocol module the Jumper T16 had (and now the Jumper T18 Lite), an external module bay just begging for a Crossfire module, a larger battery bay for increased battery size, internal USB-C charging capability, a touch-screen (feature is scheduled to be enabled with OpenTX 2.4 release), OpenTX support, . . .

This is simply the best value transmitter on the market!

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Jumper T18 Lite

~ $140 (USD)

To begin with, if you're wondering why I'm recommending the Lite version and not one of the other two Jumper T18 versions, its this: the other 2 versions come with a 5-in-1 900 Mhz band module useful only with FrSky's R9 (NON-ACCESS) protocol. Yes, I have used that before. I now use Crossfire and will never go back to the R9-type 900 Mhz band system. So, why would you want to pay extra for it? I would not. Also, with the non-Lite versions this 900 Mhz system uses the external dipole antenna. This means the "normal" 2.4 GHz transmission frequency uses an internal board antenna which is most likely not as efficient & effective as a normal external dipole antenna.

This Lite version is essentially the same radio transmitter as the original Jumper T16 (which I have owned, used, and thoroughly enjoyed going on a year now!). It DOES have some upgrades and its cost has gone down! It now has a black faceplate on the exterior, a zipper carry case, and the ribbon cables some folks have had issues with on the Jumper T16 have been replaced with non-ribbon cables. Considering I purchased the original T16 without these additional features at a greater cost, THIS Lite version is on my recommended list!

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BetaFPV LiteRadio 2

~ $40

For $40 what do you want? How about internal charging of your battery, able to use with a simulator (may require changing USB driver change on your computer), using the most common receiver protocol (ACCST D16 and D8 modes), a trainer function with jack, and running a BetaFPV "fork" version of OpenTX--although this radio is NOT supported by OpenTX, so you cannot update it with official OpenTX versions. Still . . .for $40? Not bad!

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TBS Crossfire Micro TX V2

~ $80 (USD)

"Best-value" Crossfire 900 Mhz system. 25mW - 250mW selectable power range (abide by your local governing laws, rules, and regulations).

900 Mhz system has both longer range than the "normal" 2.4 GHz control signal frequency band AND can penetrate through objects better which allows you to fly through and around objects (trees, etc.) without fear of losing your control signal.

The TBS Crossfire system has "frequency-hopping" and "self-heals" ensuring solid link quality. It just works!

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RadioMaster TX16S 5000 mAh Li-Ion Battery

~ $27 (USD)

Ships from Arizona, U.S. from Bob of Bob's Batteries!

Artisan batteries using only verified genuine 21700 5000 mAh batteries supplied by a GSA certified wholesale vendor. The pack is spot welded using pure nickle strips, insulated with Kapton tape and shrink wrapped. The 3 pin power connector is high quality with silicone, large gauge wires.

Any questions you may have regarding this battery pack, please refer to Bob at:


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