You're going to need a few building supplies & tools to help you build your Micro FPV Drone. Not many, just a few. The supplies & tools I have listed below are either the exact ones I use or are as close as possible I could find to the exact ones I use.

I do not purchase for myself the "most popular brand," nor the "most expensive" of these items. Rather, I tend to purchase what I consider to be the "best value." If its inexpensive & works, that's what I'll purchase. If this sounds like what you're looking for, you may be interested in the items below.

I'm also including on this site Page, a few of my "Build Tips" I have learned along my "Journey to Better FPV Fun" over the years. These Tips will be updated periodically so make sure to check back often!


Soldering iron for Micro FPV Drone build

Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron Kit
This kit actually has a better soldering iron than the one I have used for the past few years! I've found my ideal soldering temperature for Micro FPV Drone flight control stacks to be 470-475 degrees. So, my soldering iron is a 60-watt iron that goes to at least 475 degrees. This kit has an 80-watt iron with a digital adjustable temp that goes up to 480 degrees - PERFECT! All for only ~$26.99! Why pay more?

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Solder for Micro FPV Drone Build

MG Chemicals 63/37 22 gauge 0.032" RA 2.2% flux, 1/2 pound. This is the exact spool I purchased back in January 2018 (numerous builds ago) and I still have about 1/2 a spool left! This is just great stuff! ~$21

oldering helping hands for MIcro FPV Drone Build

Helping Hands

You're gonna need something to hold things in place (sometimes at awkward positions) while you're soldering. These work great. Same ones I use. Only ~$10.47

eusable adhesive


This stuff is a miracle! Reusable adhesive. I purchased this pack back in Feb 2018 and I've only gone through a couple of pieces (because its REUSABLE!). Put a blob of this stuff on your workbench and stick your components on top of it to keep in place while soldering. Sometimes works better than your "helping hands!" ~$5.95

Magnifying glasses for Micro FPV Drone Build

21 Kent Boulevard

Multi-Magnifying Glass
My eyes aren't as good as they used to be & sometimes (OK, ALL the time!) I need some help seeing those tiny little solder pads on my Micro FPV drone builds. This is what I use. I've tried others that slip down my nose. The headband on these keeps them secure & in-place while working. Nice, inexpensive, and I ALWAYS use them! ~$9.99

Long Nose Pliers for Micro FPV Drone build

Long Nose Pliers

Indispensable! This is what I use to hold those pesky little wires while soldering. Why not just use your hands? Well, ok, after trying that ONCE I realized those wires tend to get HOT when using the soldering iron at the other end of them! These also allow you to reach the wire ends into tight spaces your fingers won't go! ~$7.99

ire strippers for Micro FPV Drone Build

Wire Strippers & Cutter
Most of the time I can use my finger nails to strip off the ends of the thin wires for soldering. However, are there are times when I do need wire strippers. These work great for stripping those larger wires used for your XT30 connecter power leads and act as "cutters" too. 2 tools in 1! works for 10-24 AWG wires. ~$7.25

Heat Shrink Tubing for Micro FPV Drone Build

Heat Shrink Tubing

This is what you put on a wire BEFORE you solder its end to the end of another wire. then you slide it over the solder joint you just made and apply some heat to it a heat gun or hair dryer and it "shrinks" around the solder joint. You do this to protect the solder joint and keep it from contacting other electrical components in your build. 11 different sizes and 580 pieces for ~$6.98.

Solder Iron Cleaning Sponge

Solder Iron Cleaning Sponge

You'll quickly realize you need to keep the tip of your soldering iron clean to solder correctly. You'll need to do this with a wet sponge. why not use one that's specifically designed for that purpose? 5 for only ~$7.95

Practice Soldering Board

Practice Soldering Board

Soldering really is NOT difficult, it just takes some practice. Once you get it, you've got it for life! Why not practice your skills on an inert board (one that won't smoke your valuable electronics if you make a mistake? This board replicates all of the types of pads you'll see in your Micro FPV Drone build. ~$1.99


Now that you've got all the soldering gear you need, how 'bout a little "How to Solder Demo" to get you started and build your confidence? I'll show you my soldering techniques which have worked well for me over the past few years in building my Micro FPV Drones!


weigh your Micro FPV drone

801 Linden Drive

Precise Accuracy Digital Scale
Ensure you keep your Micro FPV Drone build under 250 grams with this very accurate and inexpensive digital scale. Measurements in 0.01 gram increments! ~$13.95!

Screwdrivers for Micro FPV Drone Build

Small Screwdriver Set
Pocket-size, comes with 24 interchangeable "bits" ~$15.99

Hex Screwdrivers for Micro FPV drone build

Hex Screwdrivers

Set of 4 with 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm,& 3.0mm driver bits. I'm always using the 2.0mm driver for my Micro FPV Drone builds. Another cool thing about these is their endcaps come off so you can store your loose screws in the hollow handle! ~$11.49

M2 Screws & Nuts for Micro FPV Drone Build

M2 Screws & Nuts

You'll always need and can never have too many M2 screws & nuts! Here's a kit of M2 screws of assorted and various lengths to get started the right way. ~$12.69

Threadlocker for Micro FPV drone motors

Blue 242

An absolute must for your builds. Sounds like a football play, right?!? Its actually "threadlocker." You put just a drop of this stuff on your motor screws before securing them through the frame mounts to your motors. This keeps the screws from vibrating out of the motors (which they will without it) and keeps your motors on your frame - which is ALWAYS a good thing! ~$5.97

M2 Hex Spacer Standoffs for Micro FPV Drone build

M2 Hex Spacer Standoffs

You'll use these hex spacer/standoffs in between your flight stack boards to create enough space between them for airflow over electronic components and prevent inadvertent contact between them. 320 pieces of various lengths. ~$13.88

Check for continuity and short circuits on your Micro FPV drone electronics

21 Kent Boulevard

Digital Multimeter
I've been using this inexpensive (yet powerful) multimeter on all of my Micro FPV Drone builds to check for both continuity and short-circuits for years. It works flawlessly and I can't tell you how many times its kept me from "frying" my flight stacks. ~$29.99

Precise measuring device for your Micro FPCV drone

Digital Caliper

This is my precise measuring device (when just a ruler won't do!). Helps me determine space between electronic boards, distance between flight stacks on a dual-stack frame, how wide my battery strap can be, etc., etc. the endless list goes on.~$11.41

Heat shrink wrap tubing on your Micro FPVDrone

Heat Gun

"Bring the heat!" No license required for this gun. Used for heat shrink tubing around wires and electronics. Been using this exact model for years. Comes with different nozzles too! ~$15.97

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