For use in planning your home-built Micro FPV Drone build, I have included below an "All-Up-Weight (AUW) Calculator." The image below is an example of how I have used it for my 3" Pygmy Rattler build. To use the AUW Calculator (for FREE) simply click on the image or the text directly below the image. This will bring up the "View Only" file. If you have a Google Drive account, at this point, go to File > Make a copy > OK. Once you have made your own copy of this file, you will then be able to edit the fields within each cell of your own file copy (i.e. you'll be able to input weights into the green cells). To do this, just "Enable Editing" on your own copy of the file. Don't yet have a Google Drive account? It's FREE! Click here to get one.

The AUW Calculator includes all of the components to a build (I can think of at this time) you should take into consideration. To use this spreadsheet, just type in the weight of each individual component in the green boxes (include the weight for only 1 motor and only 1 prop - as this is how you will find them in product description pages).

The number in bright blue at the bottom is then calculated for you as your total AUW. This is after your single motor weight and single prop weight have been multiplied by 4 as shown in the purple color in the right-hand column.

There is not any complicated math performed, just addition and a little multiplication. The main benefit of this, from my perspective, is as a planning tool and a reminder to think about all of the components to your build and how you may like to adjust your choices of them to maintain an AUW of 0.55 pounds or less (249.48 grams or less).

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or feedback you'd like to share with me, please do so by contacting me at: tmac@tmacfpv.com

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