Your frame is usually the 3rd heaviest component on your Micro FPV Drone. So, choosing the right one for your build and flight "mission" is rather important. Do you plan on carrying an external HD camera for stabilized video such as a GoPro Lite, a SMO 4K, or an Insta360 GO while staying under 250 grams? If so, remember, you'll need to take into consideration and leave an extra 30 grams or so for that externally mounted camera. For stabilized video, I personally use a de-cased GoPro Hero 6 Black (a.k.a. GoPro Lite or "Naked GoPro") with the ReelSteady GO Stablization App for smooth cinematic videos.

The main purpose of your frame is simply to provide a secure platform for the installation of your components. Frames come in many different shapes and sizes, however, most are made of carbon fiber due to that material being both lightweight and strong. A couple things to keep in mind is you'll want your frame's motor mounting pattern to support the dimensions of your chosen motors' mounting pattern (i.e. 9x9mm pattern or 12x12mm pattern). Some frames such as the Pygmy Rattler and 2.5mm baseplate Diamondback Rattler frames are capable of supporting both types of motor mount patterns. Will you need a dual-stack frame to support digital FPV video transmission or will a single-stack frame due?

Below I've included a short video on how to choose the best frame for your Micro FPV Drone. We review the important parameters to consider when choosing a frame for your Micro FPV Drone and use two nice 3 inch frames to walk through the process of comparing these 8 parameters.

Below the instructional video, I've provided you with another BONUS! - a link to the TMac FPV Micro FPV 3" Frames Guide! This Micro FPV 3" Frames Guide allows you to compare the 8 important parameters on 60 different 3” frames from 30 different manufacturers and its FREE for you to download in the link provided below!

Near the bottom of this page, I've included a few of my favorite 3" Micro FPV frames I've found to be both a blast to build and fly!

ree Micro FPV 3 inch Frame Guide


icro FPV Pygmy Rattler Frame Kit

Pygmy Rattler

~ $26.95 (USD)

Only 25 grams! My favorite HD video flyer. All-up-weight (AUW) including 4S 1100 mah LiPo AND a GoPro Lite ("Naked" GoPro) is 246 grams. With this setup I get over 13 minutes of flight time. Without the GoPro on board, I get over 17 minutes!

Purchase at TMacFPV

icro FPV Diamondback Rattler Frame Kit

Diamondback Rattler

~ $31.95 (USD)

Lightweight and durable. Dual-stacks too! Compatible with Caddx Vista, Tarsier, (and similar). My "Go-To" for long flight times with the "Rattler XF" (for Xtended Flight) builds! 36g

Purchase at TMacFPV

GLRC Arrow 3 Hybrid Frame Kit

Arrow 3 Hybrid

~ $26 (USD)

Zippy little Hybrid-X frame! Fast and furious! 41g

Purchase at Banggood

Purchase at RaceDayQuads

Purchase at CycloneFPV

irBladeUAV Transformer Frame Kit


~ $29.99 (USD)

Another great versatile frame. This one's a 4 incher (flies 4" max prop size). 33g

Purchase at AirBladeUAV

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