Tuning your Micro FPV Drone is a lot easier than you might think due to the outstanding efforts of the Betaflight development team (or "Dev's").

I've compiled a short 3-Part mini-series of tutorials with quick and simple steps to tune your Micro FPV Drone for smooth performance! This 3-part mini-series will show you how to tune PIDs and filters using Betaflight 4.2 as the example and will get you the best performance in the shortest amount of time.

Prior to binge-watching this series, I encourage you to download (for FREE) the step-by-step graphical Micro FPV Drone Tuning Guide and use it as guide throughout the series.

The Micro FPV Tuning Guide has guiding principles for both “low-authority” whoop-type quads and “high-authority,” non-whoop type micro quads which spin 2 – 4 inch props. It describes the general PID Tuning process concept graphically through flowcharts. The concept described applies to both “high-authority” and “low-authority” (and actually, all) quadcopters requiring adjustments to their PID and filter settings from the default Betaflight values, which are established primarily for 5" quadcopters (i.e. not Micro FPV Drones). Specific procedures to implement these graphical concepts are specifically detailed in this Guide.

Always stand far away from your drone prior to arming it for your first test flight after making any changes to your settings. Be prepared to disarm at any time! Perform a very short test flight and check your motor temp's. Make changes at your own risk - TMac is not responsible for any damage to persons or property due to your actions

"TMac, just wanted to say thanks for making this video, have a quad that I just could not get to fly right, wobbles, unstable throttle, just a mess, was ready to give up on it, it was not one of my favorites to fly, but you turned it around for me and my problem quad, after following your steps it like a new drone and at the top of my of fav's list, ordered a bunch of new batteries to fly it, Thanks again. TMac ...... Rod"


Easy and simple understanding of Betaflight Blackbox Explorer for use in our Micro FPV Drone Tuning Guide! Blackbox Explorer made simple!


Simple PID tuning with easy-to-follow flowchart and Guide for your Micro FPV Drone. How to tune PIDs and filters using Betaflight 4.2 sliders. Also includes PIDs and filters settings CLI commands for a 3-inch Micro FPV quadcopter with a max T/W ratio of 9.4 on a 4S LiPo battery.

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