Pygmy Rattlesnake image courtesy of,

and Special Thanks to, Dr. Steve A. Johnson!

Pygmy Rattlesnake image courtesy of,

and Special Thanks to, Outdoor Photographer Neil Jernigan!

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Neil's Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake video

Pygmy Rattler 3"

20x20 & 16x16 stack mounts (AIO board too w/optional adapter)

motor mount slots

cut carbon frame


Pygmy Rattler Snakeskin Hydro Dipped!



1 ea base plate (Hybrid-X) 2mm

1 ea top plate 1.5mm

6 ea 20mm knurled standoffs

m2 x 6mm screws

Custom 3D camera mount


MIcro FPV 3" with Hybrid geometry! Perfect for "naked" GoPro or insta360GO platform!

Supports both 20X20mm & 16x16 stacks natively. Also supports 26.5x26.5 all-in-one (AIO) FC/ESC boards with optional mount adapter (see below for details).

Hybrid-X Frame

  • front arm motor-to-motor distance narrower (108mm) than rear arm motor-to-motor distance (115mm)
  • reduces prop wash from front props on rear props resulting in better handling and smoother maneuverability through coordinated turns
  • high performance with smooth HD video!

Adjustable stack height simply by using shorter or longer standoffs!

Arm "Flares" for strength & durability!

Flight control stack mounting pattern supports 20x20 & 16x16 stacks (AIO boards too with optional mount adapter-see below for more details)

Supports 14mm Nano Cameras

Motor mount slots support 9mm and 12mm motor mounts for 11xx-16xx motors (recommend 11xx-14xx)

3-inch front max prop size (2.5" with prop guards) & 3-inch rear max prop size!

Extremely lightweight for optimized thrust-to-weight ratio

Simple to Assemble - 6 standoffs & 12 screws

Easy access to electronic flight components - remove 6 screws and top plate!

Custom 3D Printed 20x20 to AIO Board Mount Adapter

Looking to "lighten your load" by using an all-in-one board (AIO) on your Rattler frame instead of a separate flight controller and ESC?

This 20x20 to AIO board mount adapter allows you to use a 26.5x26.5 AIO board (like the BetaFPV 20A AIO V3) and cut your weight

Adapter mounts to frame using the 20x20 pattern while the 26.5x26.5 "floats" above the base plate (talk about soft-mounting your FC!)

NOW SHIPPING both DOMESTICALLY within the U.S. (Standard & Expedited) & INTERNATIONALLY (via USPS 1st Class International "Standard International Shipping Option") - ships from Southeastern U.S.

$4.75 (USD)

or print your own 


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